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Solar panel financing
Solar System Financing

Own your system from day one! With our Solar Energy Loan you pay no upfront costs for your custom solar power electricity system.  We Offer a Solar Loan Agreement for residential projects and Solar Power Purchase Agreement or     C-PACE for commercial, farmers/ranchers,non-profit, educational institutions, local and federal government systems.

Sunlight to the rescue solar panael installation

Typical installations take one business day. We only work with the best professional, licensed Photovoltaic contractors. Sunlight-To-The Rescue also conducts full energy audits and process' all commissioning and rebate paperwork to the proper parties to insure you get the highest rebate possible.

Solar energy monitoring and maintenance
Monitoring & Maintenance

Your system comes with Enphase MyEnlighten online monitoring system. You will have 24/7 access to your system to ensure optimal performance and power production. Our panels also come with a 30-Year  Manufacturer warranty. Our Enphase microinverters come with a 15-year warranty.

Removal & Reinstallation

Removing and reinstalling solar panels is a delicate task. STTR's solar panel removal jobs are top quality and efficient. We guarantee your investment is protected and ensure system performance, regardless of whether we installed your solar system originally. When you choose us, you can feel confident that your panels are in good hands.



• Day One Ownership for Customers
• FREE Energy Audit
• High-Quality Panels/Microinverters
• FREE Online Monitoring & Maintenance
• 30 Year Manufacturer Warranty
• Fixed Rates, Financing Options
• Rebates/Tax Incentives
• Flat Roof Installations
• Soligent® Authorized Dealer
• Solar water pumps, mobile solar kits,    outdoor charging stations and more!

STTR Snapshot

Sunlight-To-The Rescue, LLC (STTR) is a solar solutions provider with the priority to get you a return on your solar investment with reliable, renewable energy for your home or business. Offering solar ownership for customers since 2009, STTR specializes in designing, financing, installing and maintaining custom, grid-tied solar photovoltaic systems that will decrease your carbon foot-print, lower utility bills, increase home value, increase energy efficiency and yield financial incentives for customers such as solar renewable energy credits, state level grants and federal tax credits. Empowerment is Sunlight-To-The Rescue’s DNA, enabling the company to integrate our network of sellers, the most advanced equipment and solar technology to create a full service, one-stop-shop experience for each and every customer. We are a Maryland Department of Transportation Certified Minority Owned, Small, Disadvantaged Business Enterprise.

How We Work


STTR is proud to offer our customers exclusive benefits that our competitors won't, like ownership from day one. Here's a snapshot of what we do differently than the other's out there. 


Maryland is ranked 17th for best ROI in solar energy, and we couldn't be happier offering you all the benefits that will rescue you from your rising conventional utility costs!

Sunlight-To-The Rescue.

#1Certified all in one SOL-ARK Hybrid Inverter Installer in the DMV

Did You Know?

STTR  is the only solar company in Maryland to install SOL-ARK systems! This revolutionary solar hybrid inverter can be used off-grid or on-grid. The SOL-ARK inverter is a generator that takes in power from the sun and stores it in a storage system for later use. You can store energy by laying your solar panels in the sunlight and connecting them to a solar generator. Then, when you need power later on, you can pull energy from the solar inverter and power appliances. The efficiency of the system reduces cost by 50% and more. These units come in two sizes; 8k and 12k. They blend the aspects of a typical solar inverter with those of a battery inverter and can be used to sell energy back to the electrical grid, or to provide backup power should the grid fail.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Solar Generator?

Using a solar generator can benefit you and your family in so many ways. It keeps you safe and gives you peace of mind, without the need to rely on a costly and non-renewable energy source in case of an emergency. Some other benefits of using a solar generator include


  • Unlimited energy source -The sun's energy is entirely free!

  • Self-sufficient with low maintenance costs

  • Clean energy is produced without negatively impacting the atmosphere


STTR is a proud SOL-ARK installation company that takes pride in ensuring our customers understand the benefits of installing these high-efficiency systems. Our experienced installers will walk you through the entire process from start to finish. We are happy to answer any questions you may have and are readily available to assist you.


Sunlight To The Rescue!

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